Tools for performance

A company’s performance relies on the skills of its men and women. This is the reason why Acsystème offers courses for beginners or refresher training to improve skills of technicians, engineers or researchers.

There are two major topics for training courses:

  • analysis and control methods of systems
  • software tools required to implement these methods

Mainly based on automatic control, our step-by-step classes are completed with sessions dedicated to scientific computation software like Matlab, Scilab or Labview. These tools are known worldwide in the scientific and industrial community, and are very powerful for numerical calculation, modeling or simulation.


Course catalog

Catalogue de formation

Our training catalog is available for downloading (french version): training 2016 (1,3 Mo). Training courses can be taught in english upon request.

The dates of the sessions are mentioned on each training sheet, as well as in the general presentation.

Please contact our advisors by calling +33 2 99 55 18 11 so that together, we can set up a programme that best suits your needs. You are welcome to ask us for more information on that matter: