Acsystème, systems analysis and control 

Since 2002, Acsystème’s engineering team has provided industrialists and research laboratories with solutions for system analysis and control.


Through fixed-price studies, technical assistance or specialized training, Acsystème puts at your disposal the expertise of its experimented advisers who are skilled in control engineering, signal processing, optimization techniques and scientific computing.

Acsystème’s know-how is sought in various sectors of activity that require specialized expertise:

  • mechanical and electrical systems (automotive, rail, aerospace, agricultural machinery, industrial vehicles)
  • continuous processes (energy, food processing industry, chemical, oil)
  • processing of financial flows (banks, insurance).

Its recognized expertise leads Acsystème to work with R&D departments of the largest industrial groups as well as with innovative SMEs.


Some examples of our realizations:

  • design of the control strategies for hybrid vehicle powertrains
  • control optimization of “La Rance” tidal plant
  • on-line palletization algorithms to build heterogeneous stacks.