Fixed-price studies, guaranteed results for you

Carrying out a fixed-price study is for you the insurance of results with the minimum of time management for your project team. Acsystème performs studies in systems analysis and control through the following scheme:

Joint study of specificationsand deadlines to ensure project understanding.

Set up a relevantteam supervised by an experienced project manager. According to the complexity and expertise level to implement, the team can also rely on an academic skills network in order to provide theoretical and methodological support.

In-house studywith specifics and powerful tools (Matlab, Simulink, Stateflow and toolboxes, Scilab, Xcos, Labview), freeing you from resource availability constraints.

Regularly scheduled reportingby the project manager, so you manage the implementation timetable.

Delivery of study results with clear and complete documentation to help you with solution maintenance. According to your needs, the project manager can provide your staff with explanations on techniques employed or how to maintain the software, so that your teams are fully autonomous thereafter.


Some examples of fixed-price studies:

  • modeling of a pump impeller
  • designing a controller for water level regulation of a dam
  • development of a performance computation software to regulate a thermal power plant
  • study of different strategies to model an onboard application and implementation of a signal processing algorithm (automotive sector)
  • design and position control of a sonar winched up in a helicopter